High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a condition that can be common, especially in the older generation however the symptoms of this condition can be quite asymptomatic so you may not know if you have high blood pressure until you have a visit with your general physician.

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For an individual to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, their readings should be between 130/80 to 139/89 for stage 1 high blood pressure. For stage 2 high blood pressure, the systolic and diastolic readings would be over 140/90. However, this condition is not completely irreversible. If you can manage and make changes to your diet and lifestyle then this condition can be controlled and you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and continue working and playing but with some caution.

There are some tips to help reduce or manage your chances of getting high blood pressure:

  1. Watching or losing your weight as well as keeping an eye out at your waistline can be helpful as weight increases the chances of getting high blood pressure increases also.
  2. Doing physical activity or exercise daily can greatly impact the chances of developing high blood pressure.
  3.  Changing up your diet and consuming healthier and smaller meals can lower your risks.
  4.  Lowering the amount of sodium and alcohol in your diet
  5. Lowering the amount of caffeine you consume as well as reducing your stress levels are beneficial to reducing high blood pressure.

As many individuals do not know how high their blood pressure is currently, it is always safe to do regular checkups in order to prevent having high blood pressure and continue living an optimal lifestyle daily!