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ICBC Financial Troubles

Posted on February 2, 2018 by

ICBC is not broke.  According to the Globe and Mail.

In a written statement, ICBC spokesman Adam Grossman said the insurer still has claims reserves of $11.7-billion, but that ICBC is losing money at an unsustainable pace.

Globe and Mail

Than why is the government asking to increase the insurance premiums of every driver by $400 and blame everyone else but bad management.  If this was a publicly traded company, the CEO would be fired already along with senior management.

Drive a Tesla and save the world

Posted on January 20, 2018 by

Co2 gases from automobile pollution is the driving factor in climate change.
Electric car such as the Tesla Model S, X and 3 are 100% pure electric vehicle.
There is nothing more annoying when a Plug-in hybrid that is taking up an electric car charger. Oil companies will tell you electric cars are not practical and we continue to rely on their products.

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