Types of Headaches – How Can Chiropractic Care Help

Posted on May 16, 2017 by

Majority of individuals had experienced a headache. Headaches can last ranging from a few minutes to many hours and some may come back more frequently in some people than others. What could be the causes to these headaches? Headaches occur due to many different reasons, even being in a certain environment can initiate a headache. Let’s discuss a few different types of headaches you may be experiencing and how chiropractic care can help:

Tension headaches

The most common headache you experience will be tension headaches. This type of headache does not prevent you from performing daily activities as you would normally do in a day. They are also known as chronic daily headaches. These headaches are results from stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, or anger. Limited range of motion and stiffness in the neck are associated with this kind of headache. You will most likely experience tightness occurring at the temples of your forehead.


Migraines are frequently associated with headaches but often result in symptoms that can interfere with your daily activities. Migraines are caused by inflammation of blood vessels wrapping around the brain. Symptoms include throbbing pain around the temples, sensitivity to noise or light, nausea, and possibly loss of appetite.

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Cluster headaches 

Cluster headaches are not as common as tension headaches and pain is normally on one side instead of both sides of the head. On a rating scale of pain, it can be comparable to migraine pain but the duration is a lot shorter than migraines. The pain is usually located behind the eye and near the nose bridge area and can be accompanied by watery eyes and runny nose. This type of headache can happen 1-3 times a day during a period of time and then disappear for months before it recurs.

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Chiropractic care can help with some headache issues. Your chiropractic doctor can see if the underlying issue to your headache is caused by joint dysfunction of the spine or muscles surrounding it. Having incorrect posture can also be a reason to why you experience headaches and your chiropractor can recommend exercises to help improve your posture which eventually can relieve your headaches. They can perform spinal manipulation or other therapy in order to relieve your headache problems. If you are experiencing chronic headaches, come in and make an appointment with one of our practitioners today!