Your First Chiropractic Appointment

Chiropractors can work wonders for those suffering from musculoskeletal or joint pain. Whether you have back or neck pain, have recently been injured in a car or work-related accident, or are suffering from conditions such as sciatica or some headaches, a chiropractic appointment can help relieve many of your symptoms. Here at the Rupert Health Centre, our practitioners work hard to improve your physical well-being, while guiding and supporting you along the way. For those who are new to chiropractic, this is what you can expect during your first visit.

At Rupert Health, the first appointment will usually last around 45 minutes, depending on the severity and complexity of your conditions. A chiropractor will meet with you and inquire about your symptoms, your medical and family history, discuss with you any possible risks to injury that can occur during treatment, and make sure you have given informed consent before any treatment begins. Afterwards, they may complete a series of physical tests to measure your range, strength, and neurological integrity, in order to assess what treatments might be necessary for recovery.

Based on your medical history and symptoms, a chiropractor may choose to use a diagnostic study to more accurately diagnose your condition. If needed, the Rupert Health practitioners occasionally use an on-site X-ray to get more information on any conditions.

Treatment may or may not be offered during the first appointment. Within the chiropractic practice, there are many different treatment options available for a variety of symptoms and patients. The practitioner will discuss with you which treatment options may be best, which can include spinal mobilization and manipulation (manual therapy), shockwave or laser therapy, heat pads, and other modalities, all of which are non-invasive. In addition to therapy, the chiropractor may suggest and demonstrate some stretches or exercises to help you improve your condition, with Rupert Health also providing products such as exercise balls, resistance bands and supports for purchase.

If you’re experiencing muscle or joint pain and wondering about seeing a chiropractor – don’t fret! The practitioners here at Rupert Health will make sure you have all the information, and support you through the steps and treatment toward your recovery. Make an appointment with a Rupert Health Centre practitioner today!